Ana Taborda, Resin Artist


Ana Taborda is native from Portugal, and since young started developing her passion for art.

At the age of 14 she had started classes of oil painting and since then never stopped to learn and innovate in different kind areas like drawing, plaster sculptures and crochet.

Ana has lived in a small village in Seixal, growing up close to nature and river and from young age she developed toughs and feelings to protect our planet and all artworks are inspired on this kind of perspective.

She graduated in Cardiopneumology, in 2016 she decided to move to London, keen to have an opportunity to show her artworks and embark in the textile and resin art world.

Artist Statement

Having a deep love for Nature and Ocean she has grown a deep appreciation of the art form and tries to establish her own inspirations using handmade ancestral techniques in textiles and different resin techniques.

With this kind of art she is trying to reach people’s attention for the beauty of our world and get conscious of our footprint in the planet, in particular the way we affect all the ocean ecosystems in particular reefs.


Ana Taborda